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Wireless charging and extra power sound great on paper, but how useful is it in real life? From our perspective … not really.

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Mophie Juice Wireless Air Pack

I'm going to review the Mophie Juice Pack Air Wireless. The Juice Pack Air comes with an additional 2450 Mah battery and also has a Qi wireless charger built into the back. These additional features sound great, but they are not that impressive on a day-to-day basis.

For my review of Juice Pack Air Wireless, I have given this product a score of 3.7 Ehs of 5. This case Mophie scores a little lower than the case of Apple's smart battery at 3.9 Eh out of 5. If you need more Information about battery cases for the iPhone 7, check out my website since I will be adding a lot of battery case reviews to my site in the coming months.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a larger than average iPhone case, as it comes with a wireless charger and a spare battery. In its thicker and wider parts, the Juice Pack Air is as bulky as the Apple Smart Battery case. However, the Juice Pack Air does not have the Quasimodo hump that has the Apple product. I'll be honest with you, really, Quasimodo's hump. I will elaborate on the functionality part.

The iPhone slides inside the box and closes at the top. Everything fits well and there is enough texture on both sides to keep it from slipping. The case fits so tightly that you can not wear a mask on the iPhone with this case. The battery case only weighs 103 g, which is actually lighter than the smaller Apple Smart Battery case. My only problem with the build quality of the Juice Pack Air is how fast the back will show wear. You can see all the scratches on the back after 10 days of light use.

When it comes to protection, the Juice Pack Air will protect your iPhone from small daily drops. The casing does not have a fall rating, but the edges of the casing are quite high, which is great for the screen of your iPhone. The great fit of the iPhone also reduces the possibility that between the iPhone and the case between dust and dirt.

The functionality of Mophie Juice Pack Air is where this product is supposed to shine. This is the section in which I will detail my comment on why I am not terribly impressed with the case. If you know someone who is looking for additional battery for their devices, share this video with them. There are a couple of points on which I am going to speak that should be taken into account in general.

I had no problems accessing the buttons and the edges of the housing do not interfere with the usability of the screen.

The spare battery has a capacity of 2450 May but that translates into an extra 50% battery during my use. Oddly enough, the iPhone 7 version of the Juice Pack Air has a greater capacity. An extra 50% will definitely help you during the rest of the day if you quickly burn the battery. The charging speed of the casing to the iPhone is similar to the charging speed of a standard iPhone charger.

You can synchronize your iPhone through a case with a micro-usb cable. For wireless charging, the Juice Pack Air is compatible with any wireless charging accessory compatible with Qi. For an additional $ 40, you can get a wireless charging base that is basically a giant blue disk. Surprisingly, wireless charging filled my iPhone's battery at the same speed as the cable connection, which is good. This was not the case with Qi's previous wireless charging accessories.

The overall functionality of an iPhone 7 Plus is not excellent. The extra volume is very noticeable in the device and the coating does not contain, in my opinion, the Juice Pack Air. The Quasimodo protrusion on the back of Apple's Smart battery case actually reduces the volume because the edges of the case are still quite thin.

The last thing I will say is that it is magnetically aligned with the wireless base, but the magnets they use or how they have been configured do not work with the normal magnetic supports of cars. You need to get specific mounts from Mophie.

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Wireless charging for the iPhone 7? Mophie Juice Pack Air Review – iPhone 7 Battery cases

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