Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass | Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ | Part 2


In today's question and answer video for the review video of the Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass screen saver (part 2), I answer the first 100 questions that you have all been asking. In case you have not had the opportunity to review the comments yourself, I am here to share my findings with you.

This is going to be a long video, so sit down and stay awhile. During this video, I remove this screensaver, so you'll have to look to see what happened after it was deleted.

If you have not seen part I, here is the link:
When the protector is available on Amazon, get it here if you wish: however, as of the completion of this video, they were sold out. If I find out when he returns, I'll post an update.

Here is the link for the Ghostek Exec case:

In terms of cases, this protector worked with all the cases that I have EXCEPT:
(1) Poetic revolution
(2) Otterbox Defender
(3) Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro
(4) Suppose the unicorn beetle

If you ask, I have tried approximately 50 cases in total, so there were too many to list.

For the Neo Hybrid, I mean it will work, however; your installation will be key. If it is off, it will cause bubbles in its protector.

In my opinion, I say that this protector is legitimate, and it is my new number 1! However, you will have to look to see why. Apologies for such a long video, but there was a lot to share. In fact, I had to cut a little. 🙂

Note: I no longer have the protector installed, so I can not do more tests at this time on the S8, and I have not done it on my Galaxy s8 + yet.

If you have more questions, leave them in the comments below. If you are new to the channel, go ahead and subscribe to join us. As always, I would like to thank you for your attention and I will speak with you in the next one.

The first 100 questions of Part 1.
1. Do I prefer this screen protector, lensun, Olixar or GPEL protector?
Find out in this video.

2. Can you remove it without leaving any residue on the screen?
Find out in this video.

3. Is there any way to eliminate the protector?

4. I recommend this or the friendly protector of the Spigen box (Olixar)
Find out in this video.

5. Where did I get this protector?

6. Does it work with Spigen Neo Hybrid and Tough Armor?
Neo Hybrid, the jury is still out because I had another case to raise the guard a bit first. Resistant armor, yes.

7. Can you get this protector for the S7 Edge?
Yes, on Amazon. Use the link above

8. Is it permanent?

9. Should I ask for one or not?
Find out in this video.

10. Does the glue escape from the edges of the glass and run along the sides of the phone or in the ear speaker?
Not at all.

11. How easy is it to eliminate after a few months?
I'll have to go back to this one.

12. Friendly?

13. How do you feel about UAG cases?

14. But does it come out?

15. Is it compatible with the case?
If much.

16. What screen saver do I recommend?
Find out in this video. It's at the end, the last second. 🙂

17. Is the protector good if it gets wet?
Done in this video, check it out.

18. Is it permanently stuck and how does the shore feel?
Nop. It feels good on the edges. It is not sharp.

19. Do the edges catch your fingers when you rub the sides?

20. Does it work with cases?

21. Does it cover the entire screen?
The closest you can get.

22. Can you see the screen from the side that is not covered by the protector, such as GPEL?
Yes, but it's not really like GPEL.

23. Oleophobic coating, how good is it?
A word. AMAZING!

24. How difficult is it to remove and damage the screen if it is broken or removed?
Done in this video, check it out. There is no drop test yet.

25. What is the price?
$ 45 when I bought it.

26. In a drop, does the protector or your screen break?
I have not done the drop test yet.

27. How difficult is it to remove the adhesive if you want to replace it?
Done in this video, check it out.

28. Do you think it will come out without scraping a lot of adhesive?
Deleted in this video, check it out.

29. On the side of the phone, it looked like the sticker had not really sealed? like a hole. Did I see that right?
It was totally sealed.

30. How difficult is it to eliminate it and leave some glue?
Done in this video Take a look.

31. What happens if you break the screen? Can you remove it easily?
You can replace

32. What do you think is the best?
Watch this video I say it at the last second.

33. Is this case compatible with the official Samsung LED cover case?

34. So far is it better than GPEL and Olixar? Friendly case?
Watch this video to discover it. 🙂

35. Spigen air cushion. Works?

36. Do you recommend this protector a lot?
Watch this video to discover it. 🙂

37. Does it affect tactile sensitivity?
It feels like there is nothing here. Everything works as normal. No problems.

Video credits to U Droid Mania YouTube channel

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Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass | Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ | Part 2

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