Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 review (Dutch)


Samsung wants to offer an affordable and good smartphone with its Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, which can capture the smartphone of the smartphone market. If this has been successful, you will discover it in this video.


Although Samsung is especially known for producing very good high-end smart phones, the company is also very active in the lower segment of the smart phone market. Samsung has several series of smart phones with affordable devices. One of those series is the J series of about a year. In this series there are several devices to find the J5 (in Europe) the most important.

Galaxy J5 2016

Meanwhile, we are already on the second-generation J5 smartphone, or what Samsung calls: the Galaxy J5 2016. Compared to the previous J5, the new J5 2016 has not changed significantly. At least, the changes that are implemented do not mark you so fast. To start with the internal change. Like last year, there is a quadcore 410 Snapdragon processor in the J5 2016, but now with 2 GB of standard memory and 16 GB of internal memory (expandable). The screen has also gotten bigger. Now there is a 5.2-inch Amoled screen on the J5, unfortunately still with a "skinny" HD resolution. The battery is 3100mAh large and remains interchangeable.

If you look at J5 2016, you will notice that it is a typical smartphone. What I mean by this is that the device has a somewhat boring design: a rectangle with rounded corners. Of course, nothing is wrong with this, the 2016 J5 still looks good. It just is not very good. What is particularly good is the replaceable tailgate. Although it is getting smaller, it often happens that a smartphone with a removable tailgate gives cookies when you press the rear. With the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, this is not the case at all. The smartphone feels good.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 review (Dutch)

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