IT’S BACK! – RhinoShield SolidSuit Review – iPhone X and iPhone 8


Holy shit! It's the new solid suit from Evolutive Labs! If you have been watching my channel for several years, you will know that I reviewed the first iteration of the SolidSuits and I LOVED them completely.

Do I have the same feelings of crying with the new solid suits? I do not do it mainly because the new SolidSuits are not handled so well, BUT that should not stop you from buying one because the new SolidSuits are REALLY good. And they are also quite difficult.

In fact, the only thing that comes to my mind when I use the new Solid Suits is "Damn, these are nice buttons".

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The solid suit is now # 3 on my list of 10 thin iPhone cases. As a fun local effect, it actually hits Rhinoshield MOD and Crashguard off the top 10 list.

Take a look at what we think are the best accessories for iPhone X:

** Design ** – 00:01:30

When it comes to design, Solid Suits are quite similar to RhinoShield Mod and Crashguard. In fact, the edges of the box are almost identical.

The Solid Suit in general will not add much volume to your iPhone, which is good given the amount of protection it will offer.

Your backup options for SolidSuit include a normal plastic back that is a bit boring, several different wood backs that include a black oak, dark walnut and light walnut, a carbon fiber back, a leather back and My personal favorite, the microfiber fabric back.

The back of the microfiber fabric stands out because it is different. If you have seen some of my last videos, you will notice that I have been in a plastic or TPU kick that is not made of wood. Honestly, my iPhone feels better on the microfiber fabric than in the other cases.

The case fits perfectly with the iPhone and is actually quite difficult to remove BUT that's a good thing. The buttons on the housing are customizable and, despite not being physically attached to the housing, they are not loose. If you are looking to differentiate your iPhone slightly, get a set of colored buttons when you request Solid Suit. I personally prefer these little pops of color instead of the extravagant designs of others who build their own case products.

The Solid Suit actually slips less than the Mod and Crashguard, which is a good thing. My biggest complaint with the Solid Suit is that the edges are a bit slippery for my taste.

The handling of the case will also be affected by the material you choose on the back. From my perspective, carbon fiber offers the most texture for your hands, followed by the microfiber cover. Leather cases are not so bad with normal and wooden cases that offer the least amount of texture.

** Functionality ** – 00:05:17

When it comes to accessing your iPhone inside the Solid Suit, again "Damn, these are good buttons". Honestly, the response of the button makes it appear that there is no case, something I can not say for other products. You can easily access the mute switch through the cut larger than the average and the cut of the lighting cable is large enough for the cable from another manufacturer you want to use.

With SolidSuit, you can choose several different lenses. See the MOD review for a complete breakdown of the lenses:

** Protection ** – 00:08:25

For the protection of the screen, the edge of the SolidSuit is quite high so it will keep your screen out of a flat surface. However, falls on uneven surfaces will still be a problem, so if you need additional protection for the screen, go with your Impact Protection screensaver. With that screen protector, your iPhone will be almost indestructible.

When it comes to protection, ShockSpread is quite difficult. If you want to see the full 11-foot falls, I recommend you check the RHinoshield Mod review I made. As I mentioned before, the SolidSuit is bigger than Mod and Crashguard, so it's probably a bit more difficult than those products. With my iPhone X in Solid Suit, I have no problem doing a variety of horrible things in the case.

** Comparison against other Evolutive Lab products ** – 00:11:07
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IT’S BACK! – RhinoShield SolidSuit Review – iPhone X and iPhone 8

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