Dashboard Clamshell Cell Phone Holder Mount by Bosynoy Review


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Cell Phone Holder for Car, Mobile Phone Holder for iPhone 7 Plus, GPS Vehicle Mount Holder for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Other 3-6.8 Inch Universal GPS and Smart Phones – Black

The car phone holder can be easily adjusted to hold devices securely for iPhone X / 8/7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / SE / 5S, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus / Note 8 / S7 / S6, LG V30 / V20 / G6 / G5, Google Pixel / Pixel XL. The car phone holder also fits other LG HTC Motorola ZTE Samsung phones and GPS devices such as Garmin Nuvi 57LMT, Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT, Garmin Drive 50, Garmin Nuvi 67LM / 68LM, Garmin Drive 60, Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT, TomTom VIA 1415M / 1535TM / 1515M, Magellan Roadmate 2035/1415, Navman, etc.
Triple booster on the board, easy one-touch to unlock or unlock the device, does not bring visual blind spots and guarantees safe driving. Specially designed for SUVs like Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Subaru, Volkswagen, Benz and KIA. First choice of support for Toyota Highlander cell phone
Large silica gel base, plus a circle of silicone adhesive film that can be washable and reusable. The concave silicone base is non-slip and firmly attached. Wash the base with water when you want to move it to another car, and then install it following the installation steps
The top and bottom ends of the grip phone are soft textured rubber mats, install your device at different viewing angles with comfort and firmness, and will not press the volume keys
RESISTANCE TO SUN RESISTANCE: the casing cover designed for the slope prevents the device from being heated by sunlight and the screen can be seen clearly without reflecting light, maintaining the processing speed of the device and the ease of navigation

All GPS navigators 3.0-6.8 inches, smart phones and other handheld devices, such as for iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / SE / 5S, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus / S8 / S8 Plus / Note 8 / S7 / S6, LG V30 / V30 + / V20 / G6 / G5, Google Pixel / Pixel XL, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Nexus, Nokia, Garmin Nuvi, Tom Tom, Magellan Roadmate, Navman, etc. .

1. Designed without magnets, it does not damage your device.
2. The holder can be opened or closed. When not in use, the lines on the surface combine perfectly with the interior of the car, and can be used to store parking cards or keys. 3. The universal mounting bracket can be installed easily and quickly.
4. The black matte surface of elegant high-end design, comfortable and non-dazzling.
5. Gel pads are easy to clean. Do not leave any residue on the board.
6. High quality and environmental plastic materials together with rubber, long service life and resistant to aging

1. Applies to the vast majority of the instrument panel, except for some curved / sculpted / rounded surfaces. You need a flat area (5.5 inches * 7.5 inches) on your board for installation. Also, it will not work well if the windshield is too steep.
2. It is not recommended to buy if your vehicle is of the following types: 2009 Tundra, 2016 Subaru Impreza, 2016 Nissan Frontier, Mini Cooper, 2016 Audi Q7, 2012 Honda Civic, 2008 Toyota Yaris, BMW i3, 2013 Audi A7, Jeep Cherokee , etc.
3. Clean the dashboard, make sure the surface is dry and free of dust, and then remove the clear film from the base before installation.
4. Wash the base with water when you want to move it to another car.
5. The holder could not remain sticky if the instrument panel waxed.

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 0.79 inches (length x width x height) Weight: 0.65 pounds

Video credits to Peter von Panda YouTube channel

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Dashboard Clamshell Cell Phone Holder Mount by Bosynoy Review

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