Bluetooth Speaker Review – Waterproof Flashlight and Power Bank


Pacuwi Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 4000 mAh Power Bank, flashlight, works for PC, iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, Samsung and other smart phones and MP3 players, waterproof
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Looking for a multifunctional device for camping, hiking or any adventure? Check out the Pacuwi Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With 4000 mAh Power Bank, Flashlight, Works for PC, iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, Samsung and other Smart Phones and Mp3 Players, waterproof. Only ~ $ 20 on Amazon

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When looking at the waterproof speaker Pacuwi was looking for a great camping device. I needed something that would provide a battery charge for my cell phone, I had a flashlight and I could play music when I relaxed in my hammock. The Pacuwi multi lantern is perfect for this. It has a 4000 mAh battery that can not only be used to charge micro USB devices, but is also used to power the powerful LED flashlight and 10W speakers.

The Bluetooth speaker looks very strong and resistant. It has two large metal speaker grilles on each side and the rest of the device is covered with a rubber-like material that makes it very easy to hold the speaker even when it is wet. The speaker has a good weight and does not feel cheap.

Pacuwi announces that this speaker is water resistant. Although I do not doubt that he can survive some splashing, I doubt very much that he can survive submerged at any depth. There is no IP rating for this "waterproof" speaker and the rubber flaps that cover the micro SD card slot and the AUX port do not appear to be very well covered to be waterproof.

As you can hear my video from this speaker on YouTube, the speaker is powerful and sounds great. Once paired with your phone or connected through AUX, it is very sensitive and can be extremely noisy. I was impressed when I noticed that the bass level caused the speaker to move while sitting on my desk. In addition to playing music, the speaker can also be used to answer phone calls, which is a good addition.

The flashlight of this device works surprisingly well for an LED. The beam is very wide and covers the entire wall of my room from only 10 feet away. One feature that I really love about this flashlight is that it requires a double touch to turn it on. In the past, I had problems with the death of the flashlights because they accidentally went on while I was in my backpack. With the double tap function, I think this problem will not happen as often and I can be sure that the battery life of this flashlight will be ready when necessary.

I have been extremely happy with this device. The flashlight is bright, the speaker sounds excellent and the 4000 mAh battery is enough to charge the phone ~ 2 times. It's probably not 100% waterproof, but I think it would survive a strong storm if left out. In my opinion, this speaker is perfect for hiking, camping, beach days or any other adventure that you can throw. Especially for only $ 20 on Amazon –

This device can be found on Amazon under a couple of different brands. I recommend consulting the list below to get the best price:
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– Quannengyoujia Bluetooth 4.0 wireless stereo speaker
– Ephvan Bluetooth V4.0 wireless stereo speaker
– Jeasun Bluetooth Speaker Powerbank
– CNUALV, Bandera Bona, Rayhome

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Bluetooth Speaker Review – Waterproof Flashlight and Power Bank

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