Apple iPhone 7 Mobile Phone in Lazada Philippines


Apple iPhone 7 32GB mobile phone in Lazada Philippines

Apple iPhone 7 in Lazada Philippines

Apple changed the face of the world forever with the creation of the iPhone: the smart and versatile smartphone that helps people lead easier lives. Get ready to get Apple's new iPhone 7 today.

When it comes to the iPhone screen, it is not only bigger but also better. With a 4.7-inch HD Retina display, the iPhone 7 is a window that opens to a world of endless visual possibilities. This comes with a new wide color gamut that offers standard cinema colors and excellent color management, which means you can use more tones of the color spectrum to create an image, providing images that are more real representations of the world.

Smartly built, the new iPhone retains the rounded edges of previous models for a luxurious feel. The new unibody design makes it perfect to the touch. The new matt black model, in addition, is made of polished aluminum with beads; while the high gloss jet black finish was achieved through an anodizing and polishing process of nine steps. Finally, with the entire redesigned cabinet, the iPhone 7 makes it the first waterproof iPhone.

The iPhone cameras are probably the best when it comes to smartphone photography, and the iPhone 7 simply made it even more innovative. Initially, it has an Apple-designed image signal processor built into its chip that powers more than 100 billion operations and even uses machine learning for faster focusing and enhanced local tone maps and white balance for better photos and videos. The 12MP rear camera boasts a large f / 1.8 aperture and six-element lens for better shooting in low light conditions, optical image stabilizer for blur reduction, and four true-tone LEDs for sharper, sharper photos light. Videos in 4K resolution can be converted into slow video or time lapse. Meanwhile, the 7MP front camera uses a wide color capture and Retina Flash that combines with ambient light to obtain natural-looking skin tones.

Having the new iPhone also means working with one of the best operating systems. IOS 10 is still incredibly fluid, using a frame called Metal to maximize graphics performance, for an amazingly fluid response capacity, whatever you're working on. You could also work with an enhanced Siri, your voice activated virtual assistant, so you can set reminders or send text messages to someone without having to pick up the phone. Best of all, you will not miss important updates for your phone, as you will receive notifications about iOS updates and download them for free when you need them.

Continuity is one of the best features of Apple products. IOS allows you to control your iPhone 7, iPad and even your MacBook without problems. For example, file transfer can be easily done between devices with iCloud or AirDrop. AirDrop allows the transfer of files wirelessly, while iCloud backs up your files, contacts, calendar events and more, to free up the storage space of your iPhone 7. With your files through iCloud, you will have access to him whether he is using his Apple phone, tablet or laptop / desktop computer.

With better privacy features, the iPhone 7 is secured in the best way. Permission to acquire location information or personal data is only given to the applications you choose, and the iMessage and FaceTime conversations can be encrypted and will only be shared between you and the person you are talking to. The Safari browser allows you to browse privately, block cookies and prevent websites from following you. For safer access and online purchases, Touch ID allows you to use only your fingerprint as an alternative to entering your password and keeping your payment information private. From a hardware point of view, Apple's iPhone 7 is still protected from malware and viruses.

Video credits to SuryatTV PH YouTube channel

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Apple iPhone 7 Mobile Phone in Lazada Philippines

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