ZeroTech Dobby Selfie Drone Outdoor Flight Testing

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Zerotech Dobby Selfie Drone is specially designed to take high resolution selfies and 1080P HD Videos for you without having to learn to fly a drone. This automated drone does everything for you and makes it super easy for anyone to just point and shoot high resolution selfies and videos. This is an outdoor flight test video upon request.

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Dobby has built in GPS, UltraSonic Sensor and Optical Flow Sensors that enables Dobby to fly and hold its position rock solid in the air, even indoors. You do not have to learn to Fly Dobby. Its programmed to Fly itself. You just need to steer it, or tell it where you want it to be and it will take perfect 4k selfies for you.

Using Do.Fun App, You can control Dobby using your Smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, Android phones or tablets by titling or swiping or using app rockers. Dobby can take off and land from and in your Palms. Just click take off and dobby will hover and wait for your command to take that perfect selfie you always wanted to have.

Dobby is foldable, its small and compact, lightweight and will fit in your pockets just fine. Dobby will soon become your best Selfie companion no matter wherever you go. Check out this long detailed Dobby Selfie Drone review and find out how amazing Drone Zerotech built to take our Selfies.

You can order Dobby Selfie Drone here

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ZeroTech Dobby Selfie Drone Outdoor Flight Testing

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