Unboxing My New UKULELE!!!!

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** makala ukulele philippines
I just bought my own ukulele and I’m opening it for you guys!

Amazing link to the ukulele:

I hope you all love the video!! ♡

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♡ Instagram: @alexisjsalas
♡ Twitter: @alexisjsalas
♡ Snapchat: alexisjsalass
♡ Business Email: [email protected] (for business inquires only)

♡ Q&A ♡
♡ Name: Alexis Salas
♡ Age: 14
♡ Grade: 8th
♡ Camera: iPod 5th Generation
♡ Editor: Latest Version of iMovie

The music I used in this video is not mine. It is all owned by Disney.

Song: Now Or Never (Sang by Zac Efron) from High School Musical

This video was inspired by some of my favorite youtubers : Maybaby, Alisha Marie’s MyLifeAsEva, Stilababe09, Bethany Mota Alexa Mae, hayley williams, Meredith Foster, KrazyRayRay, RCLbeauty101, Aspyn Ovard, MamaMiaMakeup, SierraMarieMakeup, Gabrielle Marie, Alexa Mae, Niki and Gabi, cookiemonster01, SierraFurtado, Ella elbells, haley pham

Video credits to the YouTube channel owner

Unboxing My New UKULELE!!!!

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