Signs My iPhone Has a Virus

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What are the signs my iPhone has a virus?

Oh for the good old days, when no one made viruses for the Mac.

That’s probably because it did not have much market share back then.

It certainly is not because Apple has better security. It turns out they only ran apps for about thirty seconds before putting them in the Appstore, more concerned about X rated content than IT security.

How can I tell if my iPhone has a virus?

A general symptom is if it has slowed down a lot.

That could also be because an app did not close or the battery is dying.

A major symptom is if it runs fine when you restore to factory defaults and runs slow again after you restore from the cloud.

What is a more sure sign?

If it turns on by itself, it either has a virus or someone put a recording app on their to document what you do.

Like the NSA?

The NSA does not need to install mal-ware on your phone. They could get all your data from the ISP as it is sent to the cloud or just ask Apple for the contents of your cloud storage.

That is not helping me feel better.

You can be sure it has a virus if the phone starts sending spam via your email address book or spim to your instant messaging list.

I’m not sure my friends would know the difference.

Some people say you can be sure it has a virus if it distributes your pictures at random, but that’s more likely to be an excuse for drunk photo sharing.

I heard it could have a virus if it takes photos at random.

Or you might be doing the photo equivalent of butt dialing.

Someone said it could have a virus if it is opening my emails.

Open your email app and look at what is being sent out. If it is sending messages you didn’t create, you either have a virus on the phone or a hacker got your login credentials to the email account.

I’m starting to wish I had a dumb phone.

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Signs My iPhone Has a Virus

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