Samsung Metro XL B355E – Review & Unboxing


Samsung Metro XL B355E- Selfie Feature Phone From Samsung
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    Samsung Metro XL B355E – Review & Unboxing

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    1. I have bought this phone from Samsung Store and been using it for almost 8 months now.

      To begin with, one should not have great expectations at just 3190 rupees. It performs quite decently in all aspects, specifically for what it is made for. I have been using this phone as a secondary phone, however I seem to be liking it as my primary one.

      I shall share my experience module wise :

      1. Camera : I have no complains with the front 2 mp and the rear 3.2 mp camera. They are pretty decent and produce great images. I am not a pro-shooter and simply use my phone for just casual snaps. And yes, they turn out to be surprisingly great, rather amazing for this phone..! would rate 10/10. Shall share a sample shot taken by this phone.

      2. Sound : Sound is pretty loud and clear. Really loud I must say. Audio output through the speakers while listening music or taking a call is crisp, clear and distortion free. would rate 10/10

      3. Battery : Lesser mah rating battery makes one doubtful for its backup with dual active sim mode. However I was getting almost 3 days of battery life when it was new, with time, I am getting around 2 days still. I have no complains regarding this. would rate 9/10

      4. Music : Music is amazing..! Honestly, I do not use the bundled handsfree which is pathetic. I have been using the Samsung EHS-64 hands-free. The music is amazing.. have been listening to my favourites like coldplay, timberlake, maroon 5, dnce, metallica etc… just plug in the mentioned headset. go to musc player setting, set equaliser to : Dance and effects to : bass enhancement… the output becomes one of the best. A tiny budget phone outperforms upper mid range devices easily… would happily rate 10/10

      5. Games/ Apps : Yes, If u believe me, I have downloaded java games/ apps like : midnight pool, Platinum sudoku, UC browser and Kasparov chess… all work great without any issue. Make sure you download 240×320 resolution java games/ apps only. would rate 10/10

      6. Dual Sim Call quality : It supports active dual sim. This is something I always look for. You can even set time interval for swapping primary and secondary sims which is a required feature for me. Switching sim is pretty easy. Call reception is quite good, the party on the other hand can clearly hear you in crowded places. Even at home if you keep the phone on loudspeaker and move upto max 3 feet away, the other half can hear you clearly. would rate 10/10

      7. Looks : It looks premium budget phone. yes, it does look and feel good in hands. Squeezing it tight, does not gives any creaking feel.. it feels solid and nicely built. would rate 9/10

      Verdict : A great phone for just 3190… I have been very satisfied and don't look any further. Whatever has been advertised by Samsung about this device is fully justified.

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