Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge EXPLODES in Philippines


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It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only smartphone in the line of Samsung that has a defective battery. A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that is burning in the Philippines is just one of the latest controversies of the Korean technology company.

A gentleman from the Philippines named Weng Briones used social media to post images of a burned phone that was once his Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

While he did not give any details about the incident, Briones says he returned his now-crisp phone back to the Samsung mobile store inside the Supermall in Taytay. Apparently, the staff there could return the price of the phone. In his publication, Weng praised the shop's staff "for their immediate action regarding my problem."

Earlier this month, we told him that Samsung was sued in New Jersey by a man who ended up with second and third degree burns when his Galaxy S7 exploded in his shirt pocket. The victim, Daniel RamΓ­rez, had to undergo painful skin grafts on one of his legs. As a result of the incident, RamΓ­rez's claim states that he has suffered "permanent and life-altering injuries." Before the lawsuit was filed, one consumer reported that his Galaxy S7 edge caught fire while charging during the night.

As we said today, smartphone buyers have apparently lost confidence in Samsung after the Galaxy Note 7 incident. The sad thing about this story is that at the time the Galaxy Note 7 was launched, it seemed that the phablet was going to be an exclamation point in a spectacular year for the manufacturer. With the talk that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco will cost you up to $ 1.5 billion, Samsung also faces the possibility that future phones will be rejected by consumers. However, judging by his comments, Briones might not be so quick to leave Samsung's camp.

Video credits to TechTalkTV YouTube channel

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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge EXPLODES in Philippines

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    1. I have a Galaxy S7edge, it exploded on the back and there is separation. The same video with that black s7!! it hasn't burned but gets super hot when used! I hope they will help me when I go to Lincoln nebr. tomorrow!!

    2. The only problem is that they are using cheap batteries like Lithium ion instead of polymer. Ion batteries explodes and catch flames. Polymer only produces gas or smoke but doesn't explode

    3. hi i want to tell you i'm a big fan of samsung i own a 1x s6 2x s7 edge 1xs7 and i preordered the s8+…….nou the problem begins. today i dropped the s7 and started smoking. and finally exploded. i can't believe hapend to me. what do you say. haw did this hapend ? i know you had problems with the note 7. but this is crazy the s7 the same problem ???????????? naw i end up without a phone and with the money troun in the bin. ??????????? wat do you have to say. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    4. is true that s7 and s7 edge exploade when not taking it good care like over charge, throw the phone and knocking you phone with any hard object and can active the battery to exploade

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