Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge EXPLODES in Philippines

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It seems like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only smartphone in Samsung’s lineup that has a defective battery. A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge burning down in the Philippines is just one of the Korean tech company’s list of recent controversies.

A gent in the Philippines named Weng Briones turned to social media to post pictures of a burnt out phone that was once his Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

While he didn’t give any details on the incident, Briones says that he returned his now crispy handset back to the Samsung Mobile Store inside the Supermall in Taytay. Apparently, the staff there was able to refund him the price of the phone. In his post, Weng praised the staff at the store “for their immediate action regarding my issue.”

Earlier this month, we told you that Samsung has been sued in New Jersey by a man who ended up with second and third degree burns when his Galaxy S7 edge exploded in his shirt pocket. The victim, Daniel Ramirez, had to undergo painful skin grafts on one of his legs. As a result of the incident, Ramirez’s suit claims that he has suffered “permanent and life-altering injuries.” Before that suit was filed, a consumer reported that his Galaxy S7 edge caught on fire while charging overnight.

As we told you earlier today, smartphone buyers have apparently lost confidence in Samsung after the Galaxy Note 7 incident. The sad thing about this story is that at the time the Galaxy Note 7 was launched, it appeared that the phablet was going to be an exclamation mark on a kick-ass year for the manufacturer. With talk that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco will cost it up to $1.5 billion, Samsung is also facing the possibility that future handsets will be shunned by consumers. Judging by his comments however, Briones might not be so quick to leave Samsung’s camp.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge EXPLODES in Philippines

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