Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Olixar Glass Screen Protector Review (4K)


Olixar tempered glass screen protector exam for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, take a look at the first glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Double package: double protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Alta- 9H tempered glass construction for better protection against bumps and falls
Protection compatible with all boxes for the screen of your Note 8, including the side cover. It prevents scratches on the screen and other damages caused by falls and blows. Optimal clarity 100% clear, simple application, application tool included.

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The friendly screen protector of the Olixar tempered glass case is made of tempered glass reinforced with an impressive 9H rating, maintaining the clarity of the image and protecting the screen of your phone from scratches and external shocks. The Olixar tempered glass screen protector has an impressive surface hardness and with a thickness of 0.3 mm it is really slim, taking care of your phone's screen and maintaining its excellent visual qualities. It is also completely tactile, which guarantees that your phone remains protected, without loss of functionality sensitivity. With an oleophobic coating, this screen protector will even help prevent fingerprints from ruining the screen of Note 8 /

The Galaxy Note 8 has a unique curved edge screen, perfect for viewing notifications on both sides of the phone. The Olixar tempered glass curved screen protector is designed to cover even these areas of the screen, so you can be sure that your Galaxy Note 8 has a 100% screen coverage that provides total protection. The lower part of the screen protector is flat on the screen and perfectly follows the contours of the screen of your phone. No more compromise leaving the curved edges exposed and this also ensures that no dirt enters, so there will be no more "halo effect".

The range of screen protectors Olixar is designed to keep the screen of your Galaxy Note 8 clear of scratches and scratches that could hinder your visibility. Once you have done so, you will find it difficult to realize that the Olixar screensaver is there. Olixar screen protectors are easy to apply, as they have a custom cut for each device. Simply clean the screen with the included microfiber cloth, align the screen protector with your phone and apply it. Once turned on, the screen saver is practically invisible.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Olixar Glass Screen Protector Review (4K)

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