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How to make your smartphone to last longer than the way you used it before? The solution is now on your screen. For a very affordable price, you can avail a MODIFIED HIGHER CAPACITY BATTERY for your SMARTPHONE with an extended capacity/mAh.

Wide range of different modified batteries for your smartphones.

Modified Higher Capacity Batteries are available for the following units.:
1. Cherry Mobile Flare S100 in 2100mAh
2. Cherry Mobile Flare 2X in 2100mAh
3. Cherry Mobile Flare S2 in 2500mAh
4. Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W in 2100mAh
5. Cherry Mobile Flare S3 in 2100mAh, 2400mAh, 2600mAh and 3100mAh
6. KATA F1S in 2100mAh and 2500mAh
7. KATA F1 in 2100mAh and 2500mAh
8. Lenovo A536 in 2600mAh
9. Cherry Mobile Urban in 2100mAh, 2500mAh and 3100mAh
10. Cherry Mobile Edge 2 in 2100mAh and 2500mAh
11. Samsung Galaxy S3 Korean SHV-E210 in 2000mAh
12. Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE i9305 in 2000mAh
13. Samsung Galaxy S3 Midas SCH-i939 in 2000mAh
14. Lenovo A706
15. Cherry Mobile Flare 3
16. Cherry Mobile ME Vibe
17. Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Lite

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RAYMARTYMARTYEAH Modified Batteries | cherry mobile edge price

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