Polvoron Challenge || V

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Hello! Welcome back to my channel for another video exclusively here with me, of course V.

Here’s my 1st Challenge video with my friends, If you want to see more videos of us in one video, just comment down below.
So i hope you guys enjoy my video, and for more videos of me, kindly hit the subscribe button.
• I’ve been here on earth since 1999 (18years)
• 5 ft. 5 inches (i think yung height ko haha😂)
• I film my videos on my Iphone SE
• I edit my videos on my Ipad Mini
• I’m from Parañaque City, MMS. PHILIPPINES
Twitter&Instagram: @MangoesNPie
Email: [email protected]

See you on my next videos, bye!💗🌸

Video credits to the YouTube channel owner

Polvoron Challenge || V

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