original ipad mini charger philippines | Magnetic charger X-Cable from WSKEN

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*** original ipad mini charger philippines ***

Apple had the right idea with magnetic chargers on the Macbooks but never carried that technology over to the iPhone or iPad lightning connector. The X-Cable from WSKEN copies that functionality and gives you the safety of a magnetic lightning charger.

I bought the cable and the extra connectors through Lazada Philippines.

I’m sure most of us have made the mistake at least once before where we get up with our phone and forget it’s still plugged in. This usually ends up with the charger being ripped from the wall or your phone taking a fast plummet towards the ground. This magnetic charge cable solves that issue.

It’s not just for Apple devices either, you can buy extra connectors like micro USB for the regular Android phones, tablets and other devices that use the universal micro connector.

So in theory, the idea sounds great, but in practice it didn’t work so well.

I was only able to test it for about 20 minutes, but my brief conclusions are:

1) It is not MFI / Apple certified

2) The magnet is a little weak.

3) It charged my iPad at 1.6A while the official cable charged at 1.8A (not too bad)

4) It stopped working after a day

Wsken aren’t the only brand selling a magnetic lightning cable so there might be better options out there.

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original ipad mini charger philippines | Magnetic charger X-Cable from WSKEN

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