Optrix XD6 Review – One of the BEST waterproof iPhone 6(s) cases

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** waterproof case for iphone 6 philippines
Take your iPhone into the ocean with 100% confidence. I’m not worried for my iPhone at all which means more fun!

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The iPhone sits in a sled that slides into the XD6, which is handy. You can easily remove the iPhone and still have a bit of protection on the device when you aren’t near water. This extra case is nice because you don’t want to be hauling this beast of a case in your pockets all the time.

For my Bodyglove Optrix XD6 review, I’ve given this waterproof case a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. It’s far better than the HitCase Pro and as a waterproof case is a magnitude better than other waterproof cases from LifeProof. If you want to see how the XD6 fares against other waterproof cases, check out my top 5 list for waterproof iPhone 6 cases.

Regarding design, this is one of the most unique cases that we’ve come across. Rather than snapping everything together, the top of the case flips over, and you slide the iPhone lengthwise into the case. Removing the iPhone is very simple with the XD6. The latching system on the xD6 is a big confidence booster when it comes to bringing your iPhone into the water.

The XD6 is made from an impact resistant, custom polycarbonate unibody design which sounds quite fluffy but our extreme drop test with the XD5 has made us a believer. The transparency also helps you see if the case has been compromised.

The XD6 is not a small case. The hinge is very noticeable, and the attachment point sticks out like a sore thumb. As I mentioned at the beginning, the iPhone sits in a sled that can double as a slim case which means the bulk of the case doesn’t mean as much because if you’re annoyed you can quickly take the iPhone out of XD6 is still have a bit of protection for you iPhone.

The Optrix XD6 does have a lens system, and if you’ve got the cash, you can get four different lenses to use with the case. Lenses are attached easily by screwing them into the case. Regarding the quality of the picture, here’s a comparison between the wide angle lens and the Moment Lens, our current favorite. As you can see, the XD6 photo does suffer from a lot more distortion along the edges which may bother some people. However, from my perspective, I’m shooting video with the XD6, not photos which means the blurry edges won’t mean much since the subject is almost always going to be in the middle of the shot.

For protection, the XD6 will protect your iPhone from 20 ft drops and is waterproof up to 30 ft. That 30 ft water protection is one of the reasons why I say this is the best waterproof cases because most people aren’t going to come close to that depth.

And that’s important because when you’re nowhere near land and you see water in your case, what are you going to do? Nothing. You’re going to float there and let your iPhone done. I did not have that fear with the XD6.

Accessing your iPhone inside the full case isn’t great as the buttons are a little tougher, the mute switch is covered up though the cutouts at the bottom of the case are quite large. TouchID is completely unusable.

The sound coming from the iPhone is quite muted in the case as you can hear in this short clip. Screen sensitivity is also quite horrendous as the gap on the case is quite noticeable and will make long-term usage of the iPhone inside the case quite painful.

Now if this were any other waterproof case, I’d be pretty animated right now about the poor functionality of the iPhone in the case. But since I can easily remove the iPhone from the case, any long term usability issue goes away. And since you can use a thinner screen protector with the device and its stupid easy to install, the poor handling of the iPhone in the case is almost a nonissue.

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Optrix XD6 Review – One of the BEST waterproof iPhone 6(s) cases

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