iPhone Tips – iPhone Videography 🎥 DIY in 5 Ep 57

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Here are some iPhone videography tips and tricks so you’ll be shooting cinema quality footage on iPhone and iPad. The default Camera app is great in its simplicity, but it will limit some of your video settings.

Filmic Pro which gives you access to all the power of the iPhone camera like higher bitrates, different frame rates, turn on grid lines, lock your autofocus and set white balance separately or other pro-level features. It goes for $10 – %15.

Make sure to shoot horizontal and avoid vertical video syndrome! We’re not trying to use the latest Snap filters with this tutorial! As long as TVs, movie theaters, and YouTube are horizontal, you’ll need to make sure you’re shooting in an orientation that matched. Turn off notifications, they ruin good. Put your phone in airplane to keep calls and texts messages from coming in.

Make sure your subject is appropriately lit. Whether you’re using natural light outdoors or have an indoor set with artificial lights, be sure to be consistent with your lighting. Make sure to use a tripod, gimbal, stabilizer or whatever your method of a Steadicam is. Record audio on a separate device for a cleaner sound or use a lavalier microphone or shotgun microphone that can plugs in to your iPhone’s headphone port (or with the adapter for iPhone 7).

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iPhone Tips – iPhone Videography 🎥 DIY in 5 Ep 57

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