Iphone 5s Whitebox (Globe) – Certified Pre-Owned unboxing and Review

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Is an Iphone too expensive? Check out these Iphone 5s Whitebox or the Apple Certified Pre-owned Iphone 5s that cost much less. Each unit costs around Php14,000 or USD304.

These units are those that were returned to the apple store because of defects – for warranty claims. These were then repaired and undergone a rigorous testing and QA process. Then they are offered as an Apple Certified Pre-Owned Iphone 5s.

Note: Okay so I opened this unit before: you can see some smudges on the screen. These units come of really clean from the box.

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Unit from a Globe postpaid plan.

Video credits to the YouTube channel owner

Iphone 5s Whitebox (Globe) – Certified Pre-Owned unboxing and Review

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