How To Use Find My iPhone

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How To Use Find My iPhone:

Find my iPhone is a built-in application for all the iPhones that have an iOS 5 update or higher. In short, it helps you to find your iPhone in case it’s misplaced, stolen or just lost. To active “Find my iPhone” app, you first need to go to “Settings”. Then tap on “Privacy” and then on “Location Services”. Now scroll down and look for “Find my iPhone”. Make sure it’s turned ON. Now go back to “Settings”, tap on “General” and then on “Cellular”. Make sure your 3G connection is enabled, otherwise the app won’t work.

How To Use Find My iPhone

Let’s say you have lost your iPhone. First thing you must do is open your web browser and type in “”. Now you have to enter your Apple ID and password. In case you don’t have it, simply register yourself – it’s free. Once logged in, select the “Find My iPhone” icon. The Devices button in the top-right corner will drop down a list of all of the iOS devices and Macs associated with your iCloud account, and the location status of each device. Clicking on any of your devices will centre the map on that particular device, with controls for zooming and options.

Here are some of the features that “Find My iPhone” has:

PLAY SOUND – makes the device play a sound at maximum volume, even if it is muted. This feature is useful if the device has been accidentally misplaced.
LOST MODE flags the device as lost or stolen, allowing the user to lock it with a passcode. If the device is an iPhone and someone finds the device, he/she can call the user directly on the device.

ERASE IPHONE – completely erases all content and settings. This is useful if the device contains sensitive information. However, the device cannot be located after this action is performed.

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How To Use Find My iPhone

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