Honor NOTE 8 Review: 6.6″ MONSTER

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Behold! A 6.6″ monster from China is going under my review treatment. Kirin 955, Quad HD SUPER AMOLED, 4GB RAM and 4500mAh battery under $400? Meet the Honor Note 8!

Just 1 thing I forgot to mention that the phone has a multi-colour notification LED on the left upper corner.

Ask me anything about the phone as it’s my daily driver at the moment.

(UPDATE) I’ve been using the phone for over 4 months now and if I have to be pedantic 2 things are not that great: the earpiece is just avarage and the vibration is weak. That doesn’t bother me as my phone is Bluetooth connected to my car all the time, but it might matter to you.

Will it work in the US?

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You can buy the phone from various Chinese retailers under $400 before import taxes and duties without warranty or you can buy it from Amazon with warranty over here:

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My case (UK only):
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Honor NOTE 8 Review: 6.6″ MONSTER

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