Hardware review – Eken H9 vs GoPro 4 Silver


My third hardware revision of 2016. The theme includes a parallel demonstration of GoPro Hero 4 Silver (1080p, 60FPS, Superview) that costs $ 399.99 to an Eken H9 (1080p, 60FPS, Wide) that costs $ 47 from Sweden or $ 69 from Amazon in the United States.

Actually, this seems to encode better than GoPro. At 1080p @ 60, the GoPro has 4 hours and 22 minutes on a 64GB card. This seems to have 6 hours, 2 minutes and 45 seconds on a 64 GB card. With 1080p @ 30, you'll get 10 hours, 33 minutes and 9 seconds of recording if you use multiple batteries or a $ 29 USB battery pack.

Video credits to 47Knucklehead YouTube channel

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    Hardware review – Eken H9 vs GoPro 4 Silver

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    1. These aren't bad at all if you want additional cameras besides a GoPro. I have a GoPro 3+ and I was thinking about getting a GoPro 4. But after finding out about these Eken H9 cameras I'm pretty sold on them for the price! Thanks for the video!

    2. I just used the eken H9 to film a scuba diving video, and honestly I'm quite pleased with it 🙂 I posted it on my channel. You can see how the camera is better at looking at things when the object is nearer underwater. The water was quite silty, so the camera didn't have enough light reaching the lens and made the water either super blue or super green, and not as clear as in real life. But still, I loved it, and it came with sooo many different mounts that can all be combined. Super happy, and its quality is amazing outside of the water!

    3. I got the EkenH9 and took it to cancun. I did put a 64G and the video corrupted with 2 different micro SD cards, Thanks Eken my vacation video was destroyed if you put a 32G card, the video will show half in the video and the other half in the picture file, don't know if That's a firmware update issue, underwater you will need a RED filter….next time I will buy a GoPro insted.

    4. I will say, after having used these cameras for the past 2.5 months, I'm still pretty pleased with them. While I mainly use them just for video only on my motorcycle (and use my GoPro on my helmet and record audio with that). My only complaint about the Eken H9 is that depending on the temperature, they sometimes will just shut off and stop recording.

      When I did Rolling Thunder last month, that happened with one of the Eken's but the other recorded perfectly. To be fair, the GoPro also shut down for 10 minutes until it cooled off (it was hot in the Pentagon parking lot for hours). But all in all, for the money, I can hardly complain.

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