gopro seller philippines | GoPro Hero 5 Black for vlogging – How does the GoPro Hero 5 perform? – Tom in the Philippines

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GoPro Hero 5 Black for vlogging

Is the GoPro Hero 5 Black suited for vlogging? Well, I think it is! I sold my GoPro Hero 4 Silver as soon as the Hero 5 was released, and mainly because of the way better audio it records. Before I had to use and external microphone on top, which made it too ‘chunky’ for being an action camera.

With the all new GoPro Hero 5, the audio recording are WAY better than before. There are now 3 microphones built in, and the GoPro itself picks the audio of the best recording. Although there it should filter out most wind noise, it didn’t really take out all, as you will hear through the video.

The new linear mode of the Hero 5, to take out the curved image of the fisheye lens, which I liked very much. The image stabilization in the Hero 5 is a bit tricky… I felt like the image become more stablized, but it also became a bit wavy as you will see in some of the footage. I could have taken this out with Adobe Premiere, but I left it in to show you.

I love the fact that you can now go up to 120fps in 1080p, although this doesn’t work in linear mode. But the slow motion shots you can create are amazing. The parts where I filmed my feet and the cyclists are at 120fps. All the other footage at 60fps.

The Hero 5 seemed to struggle a bit with light/dark mixed subject on camera. The light parts seem to be overexposed. In the Hero 4 there was an option for metering, but I couldn’t find this one (yet) in the Hero 5.

The touch screen is a nice feature, but doesn’t always respond well. Depending on how thick your fingers are and how precise you touch it. Probably also when your fingers are a little bit sweaty, it responds badly.

I’m sorry for the really crappy footage at the beginning of the video. I expected my Huawei P8 lite to perform a bit better.

The location where I tested the GoPro Hero 5 is at the Ravenhof Castle in Belgium, located at Oud Broek 4, 2940 Stabroek.

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Follow me on my adventure; moving from Belgium to the Philippines! I will be posting videos about my experiences during this trip. At this moment I’m back in Belgium to arrange selling my house, car, furniture,… and after all of that I’ll be moving to the Philippines for good!

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GoPro Hero 5 Black for vlogging | Can I use the GoPro Hero 5 for vlogging? | Moving to the Philippines | It’s more fun in the Philippines | Expat vlog | The Philippines | Tom in the Philippines

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gopro seller philippines | GoPro Hero 5 Black for vlogging – How does the GoPro Hero 5 perform? – Tom in the Philippines

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