gopro case philippines | Driving on Fields Avenue GOPRO TEST #4 Shot in 720p 120fps Ave Walking St Street Angeles City

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Angeles City Solicitations

My most daring work to date. I go outside of the red light district and talk to prostitutes outside of Fields Avenue, where all the Filipino men go to solicit. Very raw, raunchy, and very dangerous filming. Not everyone can pull this off. But I can.

Random Angeles City Video Clips “DO NOT WATCH”

These are extra clips that did not make the final cut on any of my previous videos. Instead of deleting them, I might as well post them. If you get pissed at “no points” video, then this isn’t for you.

Places of interest

During my daily walks I do stumble upon business that do need a boost in customers. They need the exposure and there is no better way then to film their location, then YouTube.

Latest News & Developments

Here is where I keep everyone update with the latest Balibago Angeles City news and developments. Anything pertaining to the bar scene, businesses, and latest gossip/rumors will be reported and shared here.

College Girls

Come take a stroll with me in around downtown Angeles City. We’re going to take a look at a few college campuses and the girls that are enrolled there. Real college girls in their natural element.

Dancing Filipinas

All videos in this category features Filipinas that have a fascination with dancing in front of the camera and showing off to their adoring viewers.

Angeles City Vlog

It’s all about connecting with your viewers. Giving them the opportunity to see and experience your daily activities through your perspective. In this case, looking through the camera lenses. If I can capture your emotions with these videos, then it will do very well.

Podcast Videos – Drunk in Angeles with Onie Arteaga

Here is where I talk about everything Angeles City and beyond. I do bar reviews, trendy topics, street walking commentary, and If I really need to explain something found on a video, I’ll create a small intro with my beautiful voice. I digitally disguise my voice because I do need to keep my identity a secret, and the bar owners are wondering who’s filming in the bars. My identity is a secret and so is my method of filming.

Score Birds Hotel Videos:

Score Birds Hotel is located in the heart of Angeles City, Philippines. Bikini and Wet T Shirt contest are held every Saturday, and paying customers buy beads to hand out to their favorite contestant, and at the end of the event, the top 3 finishers with the most beads win cash prizes.

Name That Bar Game:

These video were either scraped or wasn’t usuable on a normal stand alone video. A lot of it is shakey and it is perfect for a game like this where you need to look really hard as the low quality works well with a guessing game. There is 5 to 7 bar videos, so you have to keep watching and let the video play out to play the game properly.

Street Walking Videos:

These videos were shot while walking around Fields and surrounding areas. There are two versions. One being with commentary, and the other doesn’t. Some people just want to sip on a beer and see what’s going on, while other want a blow by blow play on what you are doing and bits of information about what you are looking at, at the time.

Driving Through Fields Avenue:

I had a idea of one upping the current trend of walking videos. Why not drive through it? I did a few and I did get views, but it never really took off like I had hoped.

Hidden Cameras In The Bars:

This is what I was hoping to be the main niche of my channel, but performing these operations is sketchy as it involves breaking the rules. Just when you think you are untouchable, you get caught. So I refrain from doing it too often as it is not the way I want to go out, being banned from the bars. It’s risky to perform such task.


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gopro case philippines | Driving on Fields Avenue GOPRO TEST #4 Shot in 720p 120fps Ave Walking St Street Angeles City

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