gopro 3 way philippines | Mt. Balingkilat traverse to Nagsasa Cove, Zambales, PHILIPPINES

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*** gopro 3 way philippines ***

The Philippines has a lot of great mountains to offer every eager adventurer. We have climbed some of it already, but Mt. Balingkilat was special because this was our first major climb. Though really a “minor” climb and rated 5/9 difficulty on ( this mountain really took us to a challenge.

Our adventure took part during the last weekend of March. We chose to climb this mountain because it offered more than just a trek. At the end of the traverse lies 4 beach coves including the Nagsasa Cove which where we opted to spend the night on. And unlike the other mountains we have climbed, this is the first time we had to camp.

Our trek started at 0830h, and boy it was hot!!! The sun can be quite a punisher. We were panting already before we reached the first water source which is just only the foot of the mountain. There we met some of our fellow mountaineers that were already heading back and told us that they didn’t make it to the summit because their bodies simply gave up. We hope they got back safely to the town settlement. At that point we got intimidated. But after having enough rest we decided to push through. Come hell or high water, we are not giving up! Except, there is really no water. 🙁

During our ascent we decided to rest on one of the very few trees on the mountain. It is there that we found out that one of our guides had his water bottle leaking all along. Without hesitation, we shared our water to our brothers. After all, they are the ones who were guiding and helping us.

Here’s a tip for you fellow adventurers. Always bring water on a trek, and lots of it! Adequate hydration should always be a priority.

We continued our ascent hopping from tree to tree, avoiding the scorching sun. As we were getting higher, the weather got colder and the view became more scenic. And before we know it, we were at the top! 😀

The view was truly breathtaking and heavenly! At 1,100 MASL, you can see the whole of Zambales from the east side of the mountain. And from the west, the beautiful coves. The pain of climbing was really worth it. We were surprised that it is not very windy. It was very peaceful. We also met some of the native hunters who passed by the summit. They are a bunch of fast trekkers by the way. A they don’t look like they’re tired at all. x)

We wanted to stay longer, but unfortunately, we began to lose daylight. And not just daylight. We also ran out of GoPro batteries and the most important of all, WATER!

We descended the mountain on a fast pace, for it is easier to go down than to climb up. However, the trail becomes quite steep, with open ridges and rocky slopes. Adventurers don’t only get to use their hands and feet climbing down. They will have to use their bums too.. xD

After 13 long hours of trekking, we reached the cove at 2100h. And from then on, it was paradise.

Kristine and I were welcomed by the sight of cheerful natives and gleeful campers all around the camping grounds. And also, FOOD AND WATER! Hungry and tired, we fed ourselves till our hearts content and slept right after for it was late and dark already. Just glad that we made it through. 🙂 It was up until the next morning that we saw the beautiful scenery of the cove.

We enjoyed Nagsasa Cove’s beauty by walking along its shores, dipping our feet in its clear, calm waters and just simply savoring the view alongside each other. ♥

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Shot with:
GoPro Hero 5
DJI Phantom 3 Professional

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Credits to our guides Jerson and Michael for accompanying us all throughout our adventure.

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gopro 3 way philippines | Mt. Balingkilat traverse to Nagsasa Cove, Zambales, PHILIPPINES

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