GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! #iPad | Secret Life of Vivian

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• Frequently Asked Questions
☞ Where are you from? – Puerto Rico

☞ Where do you live? – The Lone Star State, U.S.

☞ Is vlogging in public awkward? – Only for the first minute than I zone everyone else out 😉

☞ Where do you get the snacks and candies for your taste test videos? – All over…I’m always on the hunt. If I find something interesting or different from another country, I’ll buy it.

☞ How do you make money on YouTube? – Ads, affiliate links and sponsorships.

☞ Are you a part of a YouTube Network? – Yes, I’m a part of the StyleHaul Network.

☞ What editing program do you use to edit your YouTube videos? -Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) – and Adobe Premiere Pro CC –

☞ What camera do you use for your YouTube videos? – Canon G7X – Sony DSC-WX80 – Canon 60D – iPhone 5s, GoPro HERO4 –

☞ Do you have merch? – more coming soon

☞ How did you learn to edit videos? – I learn by doing. “Story of My Life” ☺ I’ve been mastering my skills for 8+ years now.

☞ How long does it take you to edit your YouTube videos? – It depends, sometimes 1 hour sometimes 3+

☞ Why did you start a YouTube channel? – I see new opportunities everyday, I’m just grabbing them as they appear, right now that’s YouTube.

☞ What does VTV mean? – V-Vivian, T-Tenorio, V-Vlogs & V-Vivian, T-Tenorio, V-Viewer or V-Vivian, T-Tele, V-Vision 😉

☞ Still got questions? Check my “50 Facts About Me” video:
I vlogged, my birthday, and, I’m thinking about doing an, iPad mini giveaway, once we hit, 50,000 subscribers. Is that a good, giveaway [iPad Mini]? love, Secret Life of Vivian xoxo

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GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! #iPad | Secret Life of Vivian

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