Flare S4 – Cherry Mobile Unboxing

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The Cherry Mobile Flare S4 is a dual sim LTE-capable Octacore phone with 2GB RAM.

Sample images:

It sells for P4,999 but I used a discount voucher at iTrueMart and got it for just P3,000 ! I bought this as a replacement for my Cubix Cube 3 which I plan to sell.

In the video I unbox the phone, briefly test the camera and Youtube streaming. I also compare the design to the Cubix Cube 3.

Spec wise, the Cubix Cube 3 is a slightly faster phone and has a bigger screen. But then some of that larger screen is lost to onscreen controls since they scrimped on the capacitive buttons. Personally, I’m willing to take a small performance hit in return for a better looking phone.

The camera gets uncomfortably hot when charging.

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Flare S4 – Cherry Mobile Unboxing

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