Audi A4 B7 Mini H1 Bi xenon projector headlight retrofit full tutorial | Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser Red

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The Audi A4 B7 is a very classic car with a luxurious appearance. Your car didn’t came out of the Audi factory with OEM xenon headlights? No need to worry. With our Bi-xenon mini H1 twin kit it’s now possible to transform your headlights to true Bi-xenon projectors! Check out our full instruction video on how to retrofit your headlight with these awesome projectors and compete with OEM setups for a fraction of their cost!

0:01 Remove the caps from the rear
0:05 Bake the headlight to soften the sealing
0:11 We put the headlight in a carton box and heat it
0:15 1600 Watt heatgun for 16 minutes
0:23 Remove the lens clips and rubber
0:44 Seperate the lens from the housing using a flat screw driver
1:14 Remove the H7 halogen bulb cap
1:20 break off the cap channel with a plier
1:28 Place the small rubber washer over the projector shaft
1:33 Insert the Bi-xenon solenoid wires through the cap shaft and insert the projector through the fitting
1:43 Place the H7 adapter ring and secure the projector nut
1:59 Don’t tighten it fully yet, you might want to do some final rotational adjustment when the headlights are mounted on the car
2:04 Mount the bulb holder
2:20 Click the shroud centric ring inside the shroud (this shroud has been modified for fitment)
2:23 Apply a few drops of glue to be sure the shroud will stay on
2:50 Remove all finger prints using a fine cloth
3:00 If you want, apply some butyl to make sure the headlight will be free of moisture
3:20 Press the lens on the housing and bake it again
3:48 Now that the sealant is soft, press the lens on the housing using pliers and secure the lens by placing the metal clips
4:17 Place the solenoid plug back on the wires
4:25 Connect the H7 high beam splitter for the solenoid to function together with the H7 halogen high beam
4:49 Drill a 20-22mm hole in the bulb cap to guide the wires through
5:16 The wires will be connected to the ballast and H7 low beam plug. Because the Audi A4 B7 has Canbus, this is the only wiring setup that can be used
5:22 Insert the bulb in the projector and secure it with the clip
5:48 Connect the 12V ballast wires correctly, red to the yellow cable (+ positive) and black to brown (- negative)
6:07 Click the cap back on, you are ready to do mount the headlight to the car and enjoy a luxurious Bi-xenon projector headlight! 🙂

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Audi A4 B7 Mini H1 Bi xenon projector headlight retrofit full tutorial | Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser Red

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